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Television Advertising

Comcast Spotlight

As people are watching more television than ever the viewership of ad-supported cable continues to surge. As this audience continues to grow, it becomes an essential marketing medium. Comcast Spotlight can help you tap into the power of cable with insertion opportunities on an array of popular cable networks. Comcast Spotlight gives advertisers the rare ability to target there customers by demography and/or geography. When the right message gets to the right audience, ad campaigns maximize impact and reduce waste.

Where Can I Advertise?

With Innovation Simple and Comcast Spotlight, currently you can advertise throughout the state of Utah. As Innovation Simple targets clients across Utah, the state of Utah has become a particular spot of emphasis. Currently, you can purchase television ads across the state on over 40 cable channels during anytime of the day. People are watching more cable television than ever and you can advertise on nearly any cable station and target Utah consumers.

Isn’t TV Advertising Expensive?

You would be surprised! Generally rates are lower than newspaper and radio advertising, and significantly lower than broadcast TV advertising.

Comcast can also provide your business:

  • Award winning Network Insertion: 30 second ads inserted on heavily watched cable networks
  • Sports – Jazz, BYU-Utah, the Olympics, Monday Night Football, and the NBA playoffs – we’ve got sports!
  • Marketing and Research Assistance – Qualitative and quantitative analysis that deliver results.
  • Targetable, measurable, and affordable – as you determine the best way to market your business.

For more information about television advertising contact:

Reed Perkins – Comcast Media Account Executive

Innovation Simple

  • 888-55-WEBSITE (93274)
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