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Why Use Marketing Packages?

The intent of a marketing package is to clearly communicate scope of services to be rendered and to communicate value to the client.

Innovation Simple creates packages specifically to help communicate clearly about features and pricing in order to create custom bids and agreements for each client which are highly tailored to the needs of the client.

This page serves as a hub for the packages offered by Innovation Simple. Innovation Simple offers many types of marketing services (typically over the web) and the multiple services create a wide variety of options for implementation for businesses.

Whether you need e-commerce, complete online marketing campaign, an online and offline campaign, or just monthly maintenance, we have you covered.

Marketing Packages for Every Business:

  • Marketing Managed™ Packages – These packages are designed for businesses that are outsourcing their entire marketing strategy and marketing management.
  • ClimbRankings™ Packages – These search engine optimization packages are designed to outline the price ranges for a typical small business campaign for search engine optimization.
  • Branding/Identity Packages – These plans are designed for small businesses who need professional branding with great attention to strategy but still have budget in mind.
  • Web Hosting Packages – These hosting plans are designed for small businesses who need uptime and speed in a hosting solution.
  • Web Design Packages – These packages are designed to give businesses an idea of pricing for services related to a new website design project. All bids are written custom.
  • E-Commerce Packages – These e-commerce packages are designed to give businesses the options and features for each version of e-commerce that we can deploy. The packages serve as a great resource for estimating e-commerce projects.
  • Monthly Maintenance Packages – These plans will be for those looking for ongoing monthly maintenance for their websites which is a must for some businesses.
  • Web Design Managed Packages – These packages are designed for businesses that are outsourcing their entire interactive media strategy and marketing work. This includes web design, hosting, and internet marketing services.

Packages Coming Soon:

  • Text Messaging Packages – Mobile marketing plans for small businesses who desire to create an opt-in list with mobile phone numbers.
  • Real Estate Packages – Packages for any real estate agent to get a website with MLS listings on their sites.

Marketing is Now Internet-Based

Forester Research, a leader in market research put out a report in 2010 that revealed that by 2012 online marketing would become the primary way companies use to market themselves. Today, this has become a reality with a MAJOR change in the way that marketing functions, businesses use the internet now instead of traditional forms of media and advertising. Internet marketing such as – Websites, SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, PPC, Banner Ads, etc has taken over and there is no end in sight. With a variety of internet-based marketing solutions, the industry remains one of the fastest growing businesses in the marketplace.

Because in the shift in marketing, Innovation Simple has become a valuable marketing and consulting agency for businesses around the world.