Discover your marketable uniqueness

Clear USP

Clear Unique Selling Proposition

Clear USP is a system for creating effectiveness in your unique selling proposition with specific emphasis on messaging.

This proven system, based on psychology, provides direction and execution that spikes the effect of your brand and identity to your target audiences and makes you the clear choice for your product or service.

Step 1 – Discovery Consultation

  • Describe what we mean by a “brand”
  • History of the current brand
  • Existing brand power and relevance
  • Brand needs and vision for the future
  • Agree on a development plan and timeline

Step 2 – Competitive Research

  • Identify the competitive context of the new brand
  • Identify which companies your target customers would perceive as your competitors
  • Identify the market presence and messaging of each major competitor
  • Evaluate the market relevance of each competing brand

Step 3 – Audience Identification

  • Identify your customers and other audience groups
  • Define demographics, psychographics, behavior patterns
  • Create profiles and personas to represent each group

Step 4 – Internal Differentiation

  • Identify your competitive advantages, and layout a plan to exploit them
  • Choose a relevant and marketable uniqueness
  • Choose what customer experience you’re willing to deliver

Step 5 – Brand Name Development

  • Define a set of attributes important to the brand identity
  • Gather words, synonyms, and phrases that fit these attributes
  • Construct potential names into a list and search for uniqueness in your market
  • Narrow the list to the strongest names and evaluate comparative advantages
  • Evaluate the natural online marketing potential of each name
  • Pick a name, and search for the best domain names and URL’s

Step 6 – Messaging Development

  • Develop a primary message as your “Brand Driver”
  • Develop secondary messaging to match product lines, or that speak to niche personas

Step 7 – Consider Implications

  • Step back and consider the implications of taking-on the new brand
  • Confirm that your new brand capitalizes on your market and industry trends
  • Confirm that you are willing to deliver what your brand is now promising your market